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Employers Prefer

We understand the value of recruiting skilled professionals, engineers, highly skilled technicians, and a skilled workforce of screened and eager craftspeople.

Recruiting a Skilled Workforce


We recruit and place the region's very best craftspeople. Our pool of assets is experienced, highly skilled and ready to meet any workforce requirement. Our intimate knowledge of the maritime and construction industries makes us the perfect staffing partner for these high demand, skilled workers.

If you are seeking qualified, screened, focused, and eager to be engaged staff, our recruiting and screening practices can place the right person at the right time. We have an extensive pool of candidates eager to work where and when you need them.

Keeping Employer Costs Down

Employee administrative oversight weakens productivity and erodes profitability. As the employer, we remove the administrative overhead for payroll, workers' compensation and legal compliance, leaving supervisors and project managers the flexibility to focus on projects and profitability.

Staffing Efficiency and Flexibilityengineering

With shifting projects and production demands, employers benefit from our on demand workforce strategies.

We know and understand your needs. We staff workforce requirements on-time and on-demand. You can adapt to shifting demands, and keep projects on track all while creating new business opportunities.

Advanced Technical Staffing Solutions helps employers retain core employees. When demand drops, the flexible workforce is adjusted, and employers retain their most valuable and productive staff.



  • Competent

    Employer requirements are carefully matched with our pool of skilled, screened and qualified candidates to achieve the best fit for project profitability

  • Prepared

    There is a ready pool of screened, skill verified, eager and engaged employee candidates

  • Engaged

    We identify emerging markets and opportunities to supply skilled staff when and where they are needed

  • Valued

    We match skilled and reliable craftspeople to successfully staff projects on-demand and on-time to meet profitability objectives

  • Adaptable

    We review project objectives with employers, managers, supervisors and staff, and adapt the best practices to increase employer and employee success rates

  • Reliable

    Skills validation, careful screening and rigorous drug testing ensure that skilled craftspeople are available on demand. Site project coordinators, assigned to job sites as needed, adapt skills and staffing to meet workforce requirements


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