At Advanced Technical Staffing Solutions, Inc., we serve as the employer's strategic staffing ally, we support the decision makers and project managers keep projects on time and profitable.  In today’s challenging and ever-shifting staffing environment, skilled employees are in demand. Skilled and engaged employees are an employers strongest asset.

We staff employers with a skilled and reliable workforce in a responsive model. Large and small projects are staffed right, right-timed and on-budget, all while maximizing workforce efficiency and project profitability with engaged staffing.

We recruit the industries best Pipe Welders, Pipe Fitters, Structural Welders, Structural Fitters, Insulators, Riggers, Crane Operators, Firewatches & Industrial Labor.

We understand the importance of increasing project efficiency and corporate profitability with a skilled, project centered workforce. We adapt skill and workforce requirements for projects of all sizes and complexity.

Our Formula
Flex for Success

Flexibility is the key to successful adaptation to variations in project demand, and ultimately project profitability. A flexible workforce allows employers to retain core productive staff.


Rigorous skills validation, careful screening and drug testing ensure that skilled craftspeople are available when and where they are needed to meet project workforce requirements.



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